The epiphany: Can you share your story?

tjolotjo zimbabwe

The epiphany . . . a profound moment where everything changes, and you suddenly know a truth or discover a world-view that changes your life forever. In many cases, epiphanies are associated with religious awakenings; you “get” your religion.

I’ve been fascinated by epiphany since my own moment of discovery on April 5, 1980, some 40 years ago, in a remote African village/police camp in Rhodesia, two weeks before Rhodesia became Zimbabwe. With many decades of life experience, I realize that the second when everything turned white and I saw things that had eluded me did not come out of the blue, nor was it the final answer. But It certainly set the course for my life.

You can read that story here.

Then, why this website?  While epiphanies are not unknown, they are not common. Most people never experience them in their lifetime. But I think if you’ve experienced the process, you’ll know what it means, and perhaps will be interested in sharing your story here. Over time, I’m hoping we’ll gather a collection of epiphanies, and through them, we will more clearly understand the experience and its importance.

As I build this site, I welcome your communication. You can best reach me by commenting on this blog posting, or writing to

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